Snibble Uses AdAction Rewarded Traffic Inventory, Achieves 3X User Growth

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New Social Video App Launch Leverages Multi-Channel Approach to Acquire Users 

The social media category for apps is highly competitive. How can a new player attract quality and a high volume of users? Snibble, which debuted in June 2020, started with a goal to gain 50,000 users for the year. Snibble crushed that goal with AdAction's rewarded inventory playing a huge role. Read the entire case study to learn more about how these key metrics:

  • 3X User Growth from Initial Goal (170,000 and Counting!)
  • From Unranked to #64 in Entertainment Category
  • Competitive CPIs 

"We've had great account support, the team at AdAction understands our platform and our goals, and they've helped us find new ways to drive quality users to the app."

- Neale Halliday, Chief Customer Officer for Snibble


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